dad28For over two decades, Award winning composer John Campbell has written a variety of music scores for film, television and radio. His vast and ever-evolving vision, combined with a diverse background in both creative composition and harmony, has helped John adapt to a wide range of musical styles.  Over the years, John has earned himself a highly esteemed reputation within the music industry, establishing continuous relationships with a long list of satisfied clients.

However, John is always on the lookout for new clients and new musical challenges! So don’t hesitate to connect with John if you have a special need for music for your production, whether it be a short commercial jingle, video/documentary underscore, or theme branding package with a quick turn-around, or if you are requiring a full score for your next film or television project, John would love to hear from you! You can contact him by Email, or check John’s Contact page on this website for more information.

Here are just some of John’s more well known clients:

 ABC | Alliance Defense Fund | Ambassador Advertising | Answers in Genesis | ASP International

Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America | The Billy Graham Association | John Bevere Ministries | Contexture International

CBH Ministries | Coral Ridge Ministries | Campus Crusade for Christ | Caritas of Birmingham | DiC Entertainment

Disney | DeLaurentiss Films | Focus on the Family | Family Life Ministries | Far East Broadcast Network | 20th Century Fox

FOTF Radio Theater | FOTF Films | Group Publishing | Gospel for Asia | Griffin Entertainment | Hibbard Entertainment Group 

Insight for Living | Lamplighter Publishing | Life Action Ministries | Maranatha Records | McDonalds | NBC

National Day of Prayer | Norad | Nickelodeon | One Place Communications | Open Doors | PBS | Porchlight Entertainment 

Promise Keepers | Salem Broadcasting | San Francisco Zoo | Skygate Media | Salvation Army | Thomas Nelson Publishing

Time/Warner Entertainment | Turner Broadcasting | Tyndale House | Wow! Entertainment | Worldwide Pictures

Westar Media | Word Records | Zondervan Publishing | Zonderkids

Below is a more comprehensive list of Television, Film, Radio, and Commercial projects John has worked on:

Film / Television / Documentary
A Month of Sundays
Abundance From the Desert Floor
A Vow to Cherish
The Art of Marriage
The Bible
Dream a Little Dream
Encounters with the Persecuted
The Harvest
Last Chance Detectives (Telly Award)
Molder of Dreams
Noah’s Ark
NORAD Celebrates 50 Years
One Candle
The Prayer
Red Courage
Road to Redemption
Twice Pardoned (Crown Award)
That the World May Know
DeLaurentiss Entertainment
PBS Entertainment
Worldwide Pictures
Family Life Media
Open Doors International
AP Entertainment
Vestron Pictures
Open Doors International
Open Doors International
Keynote Media
Focus on the Family Films
FOTF Films
AIG Media International
USA Films
FOTF Films
Open Doors International
Open Doors International
Skygate Entertainment
Worldwide Pictures
Open Doors International
FOTF Films
FOTF Films
Open Doors International


Television Animation
Adventures in the Book of Virtues
Adventures in Odyssey
The Amazing Zorro
Camp Candy
Captain Planet
A Christmas Carol
Don Coyote
Double Dragon
Easter Storykeepers
Higglytown heroes
Mummies Alive
The Secret of Anastasia
The Secret of the Hunchback
Sonic the Hedgehog
Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego
Young Hercules
PBS Entertainment
Focus on the Family Films
Nickelodeon / DiC Entertainment
DiC Entertainment
Turner Broadcasting
20th Century Fox
NBC / DiC Entertainment
Turner Broadcasting
Zondervan / Porchlight Entertainment
UPN / DiC Entertainment
Disney / Wildbrain Entertainment
UPN / DiC Entertainment
Focus on the Family Films
UAV Entertainment
UAV Entertainment
ABC / DiC Entertainment
Marvel Comics / DiC Entertainment
Fox / DiC Entertainment
UAV Entertainment


Radio Theater / Dramatic Audio
Adventures in Odyssey
Focus on the Family  |  National Radio Broadcast-700+ episodes to date
The Screwtape Letters
CS Lewis at War
Oliver Twist
Christmas Carol
The Chronicles of Narnia Series
Family Outings
The Luke Reports Series
Father Gilbert Mystery Series
At Home in Mitford
Billy Bud, Sailor
Focus on the Family Radio Theater  |  “Classic Stories / Classic Radio Theater”

“Each of the FOTF Radio Theater Series productions features a
full cast of notable actors recorded in the US and England. Each production
features a live cinematic music score and full post production and is divided
into multiple episodes.”

The Missing Prince
Basket of Flowers
Charlie’s Choice
Hedge of Thorns
The Unexpected Return
Boy of Mt. Rhigi
Buried in the Snow
A Peep Behind the Scenes
The Robbers Cave
The Wanderer
Candle in the Window
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross
Jessica’s Journey
White Gypsy
Sir Night of the Splendid Way
Teddy’s Button
The Captive
Lamplighter Theater Audio Series | “Building Character… One Story at a Time”
Down Gilead Lane | 12 seasons
Interviewing Your Daughters Date
The Rising (Prequel to “Left Behind”)
Raising Dragons
The Complete Bible
CBH Ministries
Dennis Rainey / Family Life
John Bevere Ministries
John Bevere Ministries
Jerry Jenkins / GAP Digital
Gap Digital
Zondervan Publishing